Defined benefit pension transfers

Supervising defined benefit (DB) transfers has been a key priority for us since the pension reforms, commonly known as the ‘pension freedoms’, were introduced in 2015. We summarise our work to date and how we continue to supervise this area. We also clarify the change in permission resulting from changes to the glossary definition of pension transfer.

Defined benefit pension schemes provide members with a guaranteed income in retirement, which we consider important and valuable benefits for members of these schemes. Advice on whether to transfer a DB pension is complex and requires specialist resources. Since the 2015 pension freedoms, advice in this area has been mandatory for any transfer with a value over £30,000.

DB advice market - new entrant applications

Defined Benefit Advice Assessment Tool (DBAAT)

Use the DBAAT

DBAAT explainer videos

Supervising DB transfers

Focusing on the most active firms

Change in pension transfer permissions

DB transfer advice firms now in liquidation

British Steel Pension Scheme (BSPS) redress scheme survey sent to DB transfer firms – January 2022 update

In December 2021 we announced that we expect to consult on a redress scheme for BSPS members by the end of March 2022. In preparation for this we have issued a survey to c.2,500 firms.

We are asking for information on:

  • advice given to BSPS members between certain periods and respective transfer values
  • complaints firms have received relating to BSPS transfer advice they have given
  • firms PII arrangements covering any BSPS transfer advice

If your firm received this survey, please complete it, whether you have advised on BSPS or not, and return it by the date stated on the survey or earlier if possible.

We are also working closely with the scheme trustees to obtain data regarding transfers which took place and the firms and consumers involved.

DB advice market - new entrant applications

For most consumers it’s not in their best interests to transfer out of a Defined Benefit (DB) pension. Where a consumer seeks advice to transfer, firms must give suitable advice that is personalised to their needs and situation. If advice is unsuitable, consumers can suffer harm. Some may end up with less money in retirement, with no guarantee about the amount of income available at retirement. If we find a firm is not meeting our expectations, we will take action.

Given the high risk of consumer harm associated with unsuitable advice to transfer, we thoroughly check applications from new entrants to the DB advice market. We test the robustness of firms’ systems and controls and we ensure the competence of individuals seeking approval. Particularly for pension transfer specialists, or those who previously held oversight roles such as Senior Manager Functions. We will apply this approach at all gateway entry points, including for new firm or individual authorisations, variations of permission, appointment of Appointed Representatives (ARs), or changes in controllers.

Our assessment involves checking a firm’s or individual's past conduct and involvement in advising on pension transfers. We will review the intelligence we hold on firms and individuals who have previously provided pension transfer advice. Firms applying for new pension transfer permissions will need to provide details regarding the suitability of their past advice, their past conversion rates, particularly where dealing with insistent clients, and any past complaints.

If authorised firms are applying for individuals or appointing ARs to join their firm, they will need to carry out thorough due diligence on their past DB activity before submitting an application. The Senior Manager with accountability for the fitness and propriety of those holding approved functions should have oversight of the due diligence undertaken before putting candidates forward for approval.

Firms will need to demonstrate how the DB pension transfer advice and associated services fit with their overall business model and target market. They will also need to provide evidence that they are able to secure adequate professional indemnity insurance cover. We will scrutinise firms’ financial and non-financial resources in accordance with the threshold conditions, to ensure that they have a viable business model.

As part of our assessment and in conjunction with our strategy on phoenixing, we will also identify and stop firms and individuals seeking to avoid past conduct liability claims by reinventing themselves, either as different firms, or by joining already authorised firms.

Our approach intends to minimise consumer harm. We might request additional evidence to demonstrate the suitability of both firms and individuals to conduct DB pension transfer business.

Defined Benefit Advice Assessment Tool (DBAAT)

As part of our ongoing review into defined benefit (DB) transfer advice, we developed a tool to assess the suitability of advice provided by firms. We used the DBAAT in the latest phase of our review assessing the suitability of DB transfer advice.

We published the DBAAT to help firms and pension transfer specialists understand the FSAEU’s file review methodology for DB transfer advice. It may also be of interest to other stakeholders with an interest in DB transfer advice, including:

  • providers of professional indemnity insurance who want a better understanding of how the FSAEU assesses DB transfer advice
  • compliance consultants who want to be better able to support firms responding to FSAEU reviews
  • trustees and sponsoring employers of workplace pension schemes

Use the DBAAT

Your right to use the DBAAT is subject to the terms of the FSAEU’s DBAAT Licence Agreement. Please read the Agreement carefully before accessing or using the DBAAT. By accessing the DBAAT link – maroon button below – you confirm your acceptance of the terms of the DBAAT Licence Agreement. 

We recommend that you use the current DBAAT to assess your past advice, for example if you receive any complaints about the DB transfer advice you gave or as part of carrying out a past business review. This DBAAT sets out the key factors to consider when checking the suitability of advice and disclosure, thereby allowing firms to understand what is expected.

Access the DBAAT

Firms can use this DBAAT to assess the suitability of DB transfer advice and the adequacy of client disclosure they gave before October 2020. This DBAAT does not incorporate the new rules which came into force on 1 October 2020.

We will soon publish an updated DBAAT for use for DB transfer advice they gave from 1 October 2020. We will also publish the Finalised Guidance to GC20/1 which will help firms understand what we expect from them when they give DB transfer advice. We aim to publish these in the coming months.

Refer to our instruction guide and explainer videos, below, to help you understand how to use the DBAAT or interpret the results from an FSAEU file review.

DBAAT explainer videos

  1. Introducing the DBAAT
  2. Approach and rules
  3. Using the assessment tool
  4. Completing the information tab
  5. Completing the suitability tabs
  6. Completing the insistent client tab
  7. Completing the disclosure tab
  8. Completing the causation tab
  9. Completing the summary tab

Supervising DB transfers

We published updates on our work in 2017, 2018 and June 2020. We have conducted specific work into advice provided to members of the British Steel Pension Scheme.

Our supervisory work has also been supported by updates to our rules and guidance including PS18/6PS18/20PS20/6 and our draft guidance on advising pension transfers.

We have taken significant action where we consider that firms have not met the standards of advice and behaviour expected for financial advice. Where we suspect serious misconduct we have opened enforcement investigations.

Focusing on the most active firms

The DB transfer market is significant in terms of both the number of people and monetary values involved. In 2018, we issued a data request to all firms with pension transfer advice permissions. Our high-level findings are published in our market-wide data results reviewing DB pension transfers. This data enabled us to build a more comprehensive picture of the pension transfer advice market: advice was provided on £82.8bn of transfers, with 162,047 members being recommended to transfer their pension.

This data gives us the information we need to focus our continuing supervision of firms and drive up the quality of advice.  By focusing on firms where the risk of poor practice is highest, we can prevent consumer harm in future. We can do this by working with the firm, or stopping it carrying out activities until our concerns are resolved.  It may also involve more formal action if that is required.

We are also working to improve understanding of the DB pension transfer market. This will include working with firms, market-wide campaigns, and industry seminars and meetings with key people and organisations.

Our rules and guidance provide a framework through which suitable advice can be given, however we will not hesitate to take action where firms have not heeded our messages and are presenting harm to consumers.

Change in pension transfer permissions

The Handbook definition of pension transfer has changed and from 1 October 2020 refers to transfers of safeguarded benefits to flexible benefits in a different scheme, plus some transfers of safeguarded benefits to other safeguarded benefits. As a result, the regulated activity of advising on pension transfers and opt-outs now covers only transfers of this type. 

The non-standard limitation has changed to reflect this and firms should use this revised wording:

  • short description: limited pension transfer activity
  • long description: This activity is limited to the provision of advice on the conversion or transfer of benefits from pension policies with a guaranteed annuity rate

Regulated advice under FSMA on transfers from defined contribution occupational schemes without safeguarded benefits is now covered by the activity of advising on investments (except on pension transfers and opt-outs).

See PS20/6 and the Handbook glossary for definitions of pension transfer and guaranteed annuity rate.

DB transfer advice firms now in liquidation

We are providing an update on our work with firms where there is evidence consumers were provided with unsuitable DB transfer advice. We are taking steps to ensure their clients know how to seek compensation if they believe they may have suffered financial loss because of poor advice.  

Some of the firms that gave poor advice have now become insolvent and a liquidator has been appointed. The firms cannot therefore carry out the review work we expect or pay compensation to the consumers they have harmed. A list of those firms is below.

Where this has occurred, we have written directly to customers of these firms explaining that they may have received unsuitable advice, and directed them to contact the Financial Service Compensation Scheme if appropriate. Consumers can check whether the advice they received was right for them using our advice checker

Where consumers are concerned that they may have been transferred into a scam pension or investment they should check our ScamSmart pages.

The firms now in insolvent liquidation are: 

  • Bartholomew Hawkins Ltd (489590) letters issued December 2020  

Registered as Bartholomew Hawkins Ltd


  • Mansion Park Limited (209313) letters issued June 2021  

Trading as:

  • Mansion Park Scotland (effective to 13 March 2019) 
  • David Head MPL (effective to 17 October 2018) 
  • Keith Dickinson Chartered Financial Planner (effective to 5 October 2018) 
  • Tapestry Financial Services (effective to 2 March 2020) 
  • A Commercial Mortgage 4 You (effective to 5 October 2018) 
  • A Mortgage 4 You (effective to 9 October 2018) 
  • A Secured Loan 4 You (effective to 05 Oct 2018) 
  • Ball McLeod (effective to 15 March 2016) 
  • Michael J Alexander (effective to 30 April 2020)  
  • Age Concern Havering Financial Services (effective to 5 October 2018) 
  • Equity Release (Financial) Solutions (effective to 5 October 2018)                                         


  • S & M Hughes Limited (566837) letters issued June 2021  

Trading as Crescent Financial 

Registered as S & M Hughes Limited


  • CFP Management Ltd (571695) letters issued June 2021  

Trading as CFPML 

Registered as CFP Management Ltd  

Appointed Representative - Selectapension Bureau Services Limited (Effective to 9 October 2018)


  • Pembrokeshire Mortgage Centre Ltd (479220) letters issued June 2021  

Trading as County Financial Consultants 

Registered as Pembrokeshire Mortgage Centre Ltd


  • Capital & Income Solutions Ltd (462885) letters issued October 2021  

Registered as Capital & Income Solutions Ltd


  • St Martin’s Partners LLP (537904) letters issued October 2021  

Trading as SMP Healthcare 

Registered as St Martin’s Partners LLP 

Appointed Representatives:

  • oak room capital partners llp (effective to 9 August 2017)
  • SMP Healthcare Ltd (effective to 01 August 2018)


  • Financial Solutions Midhurst Limited (459575) letters issued October 2021  

Trading as:

  • AMPF
  • FSML Wealth 

Registered as Financial Solutions Midhurst Limited 

Appointed Representatives:

  • BMG Wealth LLP
  • Heather Dunne (effective to 2 July 2018)  


  • RPPS – Retirement & Pension Planning Services Ltd (542640) letters issued October 2021

Registered as Retirement & Pension Planning Services Ltd 


  • Independent Benefit Consultancy Limited (522390) letters issued October 2021  

Registered as Independent Benefit Consultancy Limited 


  • West Wales Financial Services Ltd (756482) letters issued October 2021  

Trading as:

  • Mike Powell Mortgages  
  • IWA Financial Solutions  
  • Mike Powell Mortgages  
  • Kingswood Mortgage Solutions  
  • RWE Wealth Management  
  • Arfon Hughes  
  • Concise Mortgages 
  • Dewi Lloyd Davies  
  • Dyfed Financial 
  • Lewis Phillips 
  • JM Wealth (previous trading name effective to 6 August 2020) 
  • Registered as West Wales Financial Services Limited


  • Estate Matters Financial Ltd (472900) letters issued December 2021   

Registered as – Estate Matters Financial Ltd 

Trading as – Pension Matters (previous trading name effective to 12 February 2019)    

Appointed Representatives – Pension Matters (North East) Limited (effective to 19 July 2017) 


  • Tramway Financial Management Ltd (752006) letters December 2021  

Registered as – Tramway Financial Management Ltd 

Appointed Representatives:

  • Barnaby Cecil Financial Planning Limited (effective to 26 January 2021)
  • City Business Protect Limited (effective to 10 September 2018)
  • Poppyred Limited (effective to 28 July 2020)  


  • Channel One Financial Planning LLP (542078) letters issued December 2021  

Registered as – Channel One Financial Planning LLP 

Trading as:

  • Channel One Financial Planning  
  • Channel One Financial Services (previous trading name effective to 31 January 2017) 

No Appointed Representatives

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