Fees and levies

Find out about the fees we charge and what they cover, and the levies we collect for organisations that are part of the regulatory system.

On 24 January we simplified our authorisation application fees including Variation of Permissions. In most cases, the application fee has increased. We have introduced fewer pricing categories to make our authorisation fees more transparent. Please refer to our recent Policy Statement for further details.

Any draft applications created before 24 January will incur the new charges.

We are independent of Government. To finance our work we charge fees to:

  • the firms we authorise
  • some other bodies such as recognised investment exchanges or registered firms

There are 3 types of fee:

  • application, when you ask us to authorise your firm 
  • change to permissions, when you want to change a permission for an authorised activity 
  • annual (periodic), which is payable each year

We also collect fees and levies to pay for the costs of the:

You can find our rules on fees in the Fees Manual section of the Handbook. 

Fees to apply for authorisation

If you wish to register with us or get authorised, we will charge you an application fee.

The fee is not refundable, even if your application is unsuccessful.

If you apply to be authorised, the amount of the fee will depend on the:

  • regulated activities your firm wishes to carry on
  • complexity of your application

There are 10 Fee Categories and the price of each category can be seen in FEES 3 Annex 1A. For more information please see Pricing Categories for application fees.

Fees to change permissions

We charge a fee to change (vary) a permission, for example, where a firm wants to start arranging mortgages.

If the change puts you in an additional fee-block from your existing one, we will charge you 50% of the relevant authorisation application fee

If the change in permission does not put you into an additional fee-block, the fee will be a Category 2 charge. 

We will not charge you if you wish to reduce your permissions.   

 If you believe you should not be charged, or that you are being charged the incorrect amount, please call our Supervision Hub on 0300 500 0597 and do not pay the fee until your concern has been resolved.

Read more about fee-blocks in Chapter 4, Annex 1A of the Handbook.

Annual fees

How we calculate your fee 

The amount we charge you will depend on:

  • the type of regulated activities your firm carries out (fee-blocks)
  • the extent of your firm’s activities (amount of business undertaken)
  • how much it costs us to regulate these types of activities

Read more information about how we calculate your fees.

How and when we collect your fees 

We will invoice you from July onwards each year. We will issue a single invoice covering your FSAEU fee plus fees and levies for any other regulatory organisations, as appropriate.

Where your total fees exceed £50,000 in the previous year, we will invoice you for 50% of that fee, payable by 1st April. This is called our ‘on account’ fee.

Read about our annual fee cycle

You can also read our latest consultation papers and policies on fees

When to pay

You must pay by the due date, which is usually 30 days from the date of the invoice we send you.

How to pay

Find out how to pay.

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