Mutuals Public Register

Search the Mutuals Public Register for information about registered credit unions, building societies, friendly and registered societies (including industrial and provident, and co-operative societies and community benefit societies).

Search the Mutuals Public Register

The Mutuals Public Register is the public record of registered mutual societies:

  • building societies
  • credit unions
  • friendly societies
  • registered societies

It contains:

  • details of societies’ registered offices and contact information
  • the services they offer
  • public documents such as yearly returns and accounts

If a document you want is available online, you will need to pay to download it.

Once you download a document from the register, it will appear in the ‘My documents’ section, and you’ll need to log into your account to get it.

If the document isn’t available online, you can ask for a paper copy.


Find out how much it costs to download documents.

Find out how to order paper copies and how much they cost.

If you can’t find what you’re looking for

If you can’t find what you’re looking for, the society might not be registered anywhere. Rather than a society, it may be:

  • a private company
  • a limited liability partnership
  • another types of organisation, or
  • have no legal status

You can search the Companies House website for information on companies and limited liability partnerships.

Other registers

Financial Services Register

We authorise some mutual societies to offer financial services. These firms appear on the Mutuals Public Register and the Financial Services Register. They include:

  • building societies
  • credit unions
  • many friendly societies
  • some registered societies

Search the Financial Services Register.

More information

Find out more about mutual societies.


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