How to report suspected market abuse as an individual

Find out the different ways in which an individual can report a concern to us.

Report a concern to the market abuse team

If you are not a firm or trading venue (examples of persons professionally arranging or executing transactions) or a whistleblower, but want to contact us about suspected market abuse, you can email [email protected].

Please include as much information as possible so we can assess your concerns. Please tell us:

  • the name of the financial instrument which you believe has been used in or impacted by market abuse
  • the identity of any people or companies involved
  • specific dates and times of any transactions which you believe amount to market abuse
  • an explanation of your reasons for believing that market abuse has been committed

Please attach any documents you have that support your concerns.

We do review all emails we receive about suspected market abuse. However, we operate under statutory confidentiality restrictions, and we do not provide feedback or confirm whether we are taking further action.

Report a concern to the whistleblowing team

If you work at a listed or regulated firm and wish to confidentially report that a firm or individual is involved in market abuse or other wrongdoing, email [email protected] or call 020 7066 9200. Find out more about whistleblowing.

Report a concern to the primary market integrity team

If you are concerned about disclosures by a listed company, please contact [email protected].

Find out more about how to make a complaint against an issuer.

Report a concern through the consumer contact centre

Consumers concerned about market abuse or other related queries can also call 0800 111 6768 (freephone) or see other ways to contact us.

If your concern is about market abuse, our consumer contact centre will take down your information and email it to our market abuse team or the primary market integrity team. So it may be better for you to put it in writing yourself.

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